Bleak Forecast for Getting Back to Normal

Bleak Forecast for Getting Back to Normal

Bleak Forecast for Getting Back to Normal

Bleak Forecast for Getting Back to NormalKatharina Buchholz from Statista has shared a new survey by Ipsos that paints a bleak picture of the return to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bucholz reports fewer than one-quarter of respondents across 30 countries believe a return to normal will be possible within six months. An average of 34 percent across all countries believe that pandemic restrictions will still be in place for longer than 12 months. An average of 8 percent of respondents say that life will “never” go back to normal.

Japan, South Korea and several European countries like Spain, Italy and France were the most pessimistic. Potentially fueled by the anger about the Olympic Games going ahead with spectators in the country, two-thirds of Japanese said they expected COVID restrictions to last for more than 12 months still. The country also had the highest share of people thinking things would never return to normal at 14 percent behind Hungary’s 15 percent.

China was understandably one of the most optimistic countries in the survey, even though only 17 percent said that life was already back to normal even for them. India and Brazil, which both experienced long first waves before only recently starting heavy second waves, were seemingly caught in a more optimistic moment in time by the survey.

Countries with successful vaccination campaigns, like the UK or the U.S. ranked higher than average. 31 percent in the U.S. and 25 percent in the UK thought that the pandemic would only last 6 more months or that life had already normalized.

Bleak Forecast for Getting Back to Normal

This chart shows survey responses from selected countries on how long it will take to return to a pre-COVID life (as of Feb/Mar 2021).

When will the UK go back to the office?

According to Statista’s , those with the opportunity to work from home during the pandemic, the ‘new normal’ has by now simply become, well, normal. With the UK’s vaccination programme bringing the country ever closer to herd immunity though, companies and employees alike are beginning to think more seriously about a return to the ‘old normal’ and when this could realistically happen.

As the latest Deloitte CFO survey shows, the largest share of leaders at major UK companies think the bulk of their staff will be back in the office in Q3 this year. Smaller shares are either a touch more optimistic or pessimistic either side of that prediction, but 5 percent think that this will never happen. This may reflect the decision some companies have already made to allow their employees to work from any location they desire – a high profile example of this being Twitter.

Bleak Forecast for Getting Back to Normal

This chart shows the share of UK CFOs who expect the bulk of their workforce to return to working in the office, by period.



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