Best Printers Winner Eight Times in a Row

On of the top 5 printer OEMs has bagged the Best Printer honor at the Readers’ Choice Awards for the eighth time.

According to Brother, the company’s printers have been recognized by PCMag readers as being the best for eight consecutive years. Its printers have also gained PCMag’s Business Choice Award for four years in row. According to its readers, Brother’s printers require fewer repairs during the past twelve months as well.

The Readers’ Choice Awards of the PCMag are deriving from the overall customer satisfaction over the attributes of printers.

The winners of the awards are decided by email surveying PCMag community members who have subscribed to the mailing list of Readers’ Choice Survey. Respondents were given multiple questions about their overall satisfaction with the solutions and technical support of their printers during the past 12 months. They were required to rate the printers based on those questions.

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