Xerox Helps Cut P&G’s Annual Print Volume by 8 Million Pages

In 2008, Procter & Gamble (P&G) signed a Managed Print Services (MPS) contract with Xerox, under which Xerox applied its Lean Six Sigma process. Since then, Xerox announced its MPS strategies have helped cut P&G’s annual print volume by 8 million pages, and reduced printing costs by 21%, paper consumption by 30%, and energy costs by 30%.

As was revealed by Xerox, in order to identify ways to help employees work more efficiently and reduce waste and energy, it has worked with P&G employees to collect data on the time they were spending on document processing. Consequently, the combination of Lean Six Sigma and MPS has proven effective and helped P&G slim its print and copy fleet from 45,000 devices to 10,000. Through Xerox’s solution, the typical end-user saves more than 200 minutes per year and device administrators save an average of 650 minutes annually. Xerox now manages the company’s global print operations, from print shops to offices.

Further, Xerox observed that P&G produces millions of documents annually with 135,000 employees in 80 countries. Before the implementation of Xerox MPS, those documents were output from 45,000 individual copiers, printers, scanners, fax machines and other devices. Plus, each device was shared by only four employees. Ms. Caroline Basyn, P&G’s Director of Global Business Services, says, “It was absolutely not efficient. I wanted to manage the whole worldwide print fleet as if it were one printer.” Therefore, Basyn proposed transitioning all P&G printing to a single provider and the company established the MPS contact with Xerox.

Regarding Xerox MPS, Basyn commented, “The equipment is much more reliable, and our employees can use it anytime, anyplace. Managed Print Services gives them minutes back in their day, so they can focus on taking care of the business rather than printing.”

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