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Best Aftermarket Brands Awarded

Aftermarket Wins Over OEMs Berto cartoon rtmworldThe best aftermarket, imaging supplies and brands in Russia have been recognized with a spate of awards.

According to Business-Inform, 1,000 specialists in the field of Russian office printing were organized to vote for the best of the best between April 15 and May 15, 2017.

The awards were based on being the “Most Popular Brand,” the “Best Quality Brand” or the “Best Price-Quality Brand.” The winners for 2017 were


Most Popular Brand

1st place – CACTUS (CACTUS, Moscow);

2nd place – NV Print (NV Print, Moscow);

3rd place – Golden Print (Golden Print, Kazan).


Best Quality Brand

1st place – G&G (ROSCO, Moscow);

2nd place – Hi-Black (VTT, Moscow);

3rd place – 7Q (BULAT, Moscow).


Best Price-Quality Brand

1st place – UNITON Premium (RAMIS, Moscow);

2nd place – ProfiLine (RM Company, Moscow and ProfiLine, Saint-Petersburg);

3rd place – Colortek (Colortek, Saint-Petersburg).


An award ceremony for the winners along with prizes and diplomas was held during the Business-Inform 2017 International office equipment, supplies, and parts exhibition in May.

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