Apex is Ninestar Now

The parent company holding the major share of Lexmark and Static Control has changed its name, effective immediately.

Following a motion at a board meeting and a shareholders’ general meeting on September 20th 2016, the corporate name “Zhuhai Apex Technology Corporation Limited” will be changed to “Ninestar Corporation.”

The stock name has been changed from “Apex” to “Ninestar” but the company stock code remains the same. The changes took effect on May 26, 2017.

By far the company’s business includes producing IC chips, printer cartridge components, compatible print consumables, OEM print consumables, laser printer, and managed print service (MPS).

Ninestar was the original name used at the creation of the company sixteen years ago, and is also well recognized in the global printing industry. Ninestar, which in Chinese means “embrace the diversity of thoughts and achieve common dreams,”reflects the company core value of “Win-Win.” The decision to change the corporate name aligns more closely with the company’s new strategic positioning.

With the support of Ninestar Corporation’s integrated strength, Ninestar Image claims it will continue to provide quality products and services for its customers through the integration of components and printer technologies.


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  1. Gary Durbin
    Gary Durbin says:

    Finally we can sell the Lexmark toner and earn some very good margins without Lexmark who is now GONE trying to close us down.
    GREAT Day for the aftermarket industry


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