Authorities Seize 35,000 Fake Inkjet Ink Cartridges in Riyadh

More than 35,000 fake inkjet printer ink cartridges in different areas of Riyadh have been seized by field inspectors of the local Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The seizures contain over 5,000 packs of fake ink cartridges, more than 4,000 empty ink cartridges to be refilled and approximately 8,000 labels bearing the HP trademark.

As was reported by ArabNews, the inspection teams busted foreign workers in an old house in the capital’s Murabba district. The workers were repacking branded ink cartridges of poor quality and selling them to consumers as authentic, genuine OEM products. The brands being infringed included HP and Canon. Local media revealed the people involved in the case have been arrested for further investigation.

The Ministry also conducted similar raids in the Officers district and another two popular houses in Atiqa district as well as Shimaisi and Malaz districts.

In a statement, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said it has always maintained that “it would not tolerate the violators and those involved in the practices of fraud that put the health and safety of consumers at risk”.

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