Australian Environmental Organization Proves Paid Recycling Is Working

Australian not-for-profit organization Planet Ark recently released figures to show Fraser Coast residents have recycled 53,000 ink cartridges in 12 years and Queensland recycled 4 million.

According to a Planet Ark spokeswoman, Australia has prevented 27 million ink cartridges from going into landfill since the company’s campaign started in 2003.

Under Planet Ark’s program, printer cartridges collected on the Fraser Coast are sorted and are returned to the manufacturer, depending on their condition.

In the programs, manufacturers pay for materials to be recycled. The manufacturer then reuses them or dismantles them.

Recycled printer cartridges can be turned into aluminium, ferrous metal, stainless steel and more than six different plastic types. Also, they can be used to make material which can strengthen the life of asphalt used on roads. The recycled can be used to make park benches, fencing and garden beds. Besides, new products such as cartridges, pens and rulers can be created with the recycled printer cartridges.

Ryan Collins, the Manager of Planet Ark’s recycling programs, opined “reducing waste generation and keeping materials circulating within the economy would be a priority for everyone in the future”.

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