Apex Solves HP Firmware Update Debacle unismart rtmworld

Apex Solves HP Firmware Update Debacle – In One Day!

Apex Solves HP Firmware Update Debacle – In One Day!

Apex Solves HP Firmware Update Debacle unismart rtmworldIn just one day, China-based Apex Microelectronics (Apex) solved a problem caused by HP. Many of HP’s customers, using third party ink cartridges, found that a firmware update blocked them from using their printers.

According to Apex, HP sent out the firmware update on March 17, 2020 in the midst of global lockdown where millions of students, teachers, office workers were forced to work from home, and depended upon their printers being able to work.

On March 18, Apex detected the new firmware updates and immediately went to work to debug and rewrite the coding that could allow third-party supplies to keep working in the 90X and 95X cartridge series. On the same day, they were able to formulate and verify a solution. This meant, that on March 19, the company could start production immediately and take orders from their customers across the globe.

And there’s more…

Apex Solves HP Firmware Update Debacle unismart rtmworldIn addition to the chip solution, Apex was also able to send the upgrade solution to the cloud so that its many customers who have the Unismart device could immediately download the software and update the affected chips immediately, wherever they are located on the planet.

The Unismart Service Platform was launched by Apex in October 2019, and has been very popular with remanufacturers needing to ensure chips are up to date and can be reused in the cartridge remanufacturing process. Apex claims to be the only chip supplier to successfully launch what it calls a “synchronous chip upgrade solution” across the world.

An Apex spokesperson said, “The online solution integrates the chip rework equipment platform (Unismart device), a remote software service platform, and cloud upgrade service system.” This ‘intelligent’ solution is not just for certain HP products but can be used to reuse and update multiple chips of all major printer brands. “Unismart customers can update the chip data remotely through this platform with a few simple operations. Instead of having to replace the chip, this solution saves logistics time and costs, as well as reducing the impact caused by firmware upgrades.”


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