Apex Releases New Chips, Chip Re-setter

Apex recently announced the launch of new products, including chips for Epson, Samsung and Lexmark printers and an Epson III/IV chip re-setter. According to Apex, new releases will include the following items:


Item Description
Replacement chips for Epson IV series in South America (First-to-market) -Fast communication, satisfy printer communication requirement;


-Fission CISS chips and One-Piece CISS chips supplying.

Replacement chips for Samsung 115/116/203/204 series (First-to-market) Applicable to different regions
Replacement chips for Lexmark C540/544/546 series and Lenovo 8300 series Customized, the capacity can be made according to the customer’s request
Epson III/IV chip re-setter -Chips after resetting display full ink, OEM hints;

-Users can reset chips on their own;

-Chips can be reset under any condition.

For more information, please visit www.apexmic.com

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