ICMI Plans to Launch Color Bio-toners

At Seminars & Workshops, RemaxAsia 2013, ICMI (China) Limited—the core toner producer of Print-Rite Holdings Limited—introduced its bio-toners and claimed to sell to international markets in near future.

ICMI said it has launched black bio-toners for HP, Brother and Samsung printers since 2010, adding that the bio-content of HP bio-toner is up to 48% tested by the American BETA Lab. These products are only targeted at domestic market currently, and will be promoted to international markets in near future, said the statement. Plus, the company is planning to launch color bio-toners.

Fugen Tang, General Manager of ICMI, noted, “The raw materials for bio-toner are corn, cane, soy and tomato, while the non-bio-toner makes use of fuel resins. What’s more, the waste bio-toner can be used as fertilizers. So bio-toner is much more environmentally friendly.”

He told Recycling Times that there are still some challenges in producing and selling bio-toners, including the further improvement of manufacturing technology, shortage of good quality bio-resin and promotion of bio-toners.

“We believe that bio-toners will have a bright future,” said Mr. Tang, “In addition to the benefit for environment, the print quality and page yields of bio-toners are comparable with OEM toners.”

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