Another First for Cartridge World High Flyer

Another First for Cartridge World High Flyer

One of Cartridge World’s better-known leaders, who lost his office and was almost trapped in one of the two World Trade Centre buildings in New York on 9/11, has become the first, and only master, to be awarded a CFE.

Greg Carafello (middle of the picture) was required to complete 3,500 credits in order to obtain the credentials of CFE, or Certified Franchise Executive. Out of more than 40,000 franchise executives in the world, only 1,048 have been awarded the title.

Carafello will be spear-heading the first major roll out of 200 Samsung multifunction printers in New York shortly, as a new mobile worker initiative between the global cartridge store network and the OEM. Following the trial that will use a mobile App, developed and powered by Samsung, the initiative will go global. Millions of workers on the road will be able to find and use a printer for scanning and printing purposes.

According to Carafello, he is so buzzed up about the new directions Cartridge World is taking, he has acquired another 29 stores to his existing 52.

Just over 12 months ago Carafello moved his office back into the new World Trade Centre to continue his business interests.



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