Amida Reveals the Value of the Domestic Market

Amida Reveals the Value of the Domestic Market

Amida Reveals the Value of the Domestic Market

Amida Reveals the Value of the Domestic MarketThe COVID-19 pandemic has brought international trade to a standstill over the last two years. However, Zhuhai Jianlianxin Imaging Products Co., Ltd (better known as Amida) has remained strong, guided by 16 years of strategic development and success.

Amida entered the international market in 2010, but maintaining strong performance in China has always been a priority for the company. “Expanding internationally under the premise of success in the domestic market is a key step in the development of Amida,” said a company spokesperson. “A steady, carefully planned development is essential for a company to survive in the market.”

Ensuring success in the domestic market has helped Amida weather the pandemic. The company’s reputation for reliable and high-quality products continues to draw customers in, despite slower cargo turnover due to supply chain breakdowns. The spokesperson added, “Customers of Amida know that the company will always take responsibility for our products and deliver the best customer solutions.”

Furthermore, the global economic depression has caused a decline in market share for original equipment but an increase in compatible consumables. In tandem, Amida is currently expanding its product range. The full range of Amida’s products now includes compatible or patent-free toner cartridges, remanufactured laser and copier toner cartridges, toner powder, and spare parts. As a result, Amida is experiencing an increase in small and medium-size customers who want compatible consumables.

Amida’s strategic development in the domestic and international markets is a masterclass in long-term business success. Calculated expansion of the company’s product range has ensured that all customer needs are met, a great reputation comforts buyers during unavoidable delays, and Amida remains strong.

About Amida

Amida is a printer consumables manufacturer with a reputation for high-quality products and professional service. Over 16 years of experience in the research and development (R&D) of toner cartridges form the strong foundation of Amida, and allows the company to remain successful during the pandemic.



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