A&G to Showcase New Precision Aluminum Tube Series OPC at RemaxWorld

A&G to Showcase New Precision Aluminum Tube Series OPC at RemaxWorld

According to A&G, its series of new precision aluminum tubes feature:

  • 230% enhanced outer circle accuracy: the new series has improved accuracy from 0.035~0.04mm to 0.01 5~0.018mm;
  • 50% more page yield: the new series are more stable and have a 50% improved life span;
  • Brighter color printouts: the new series can print higher-resolution images with brighter colors.
  • More stable product quality: the new series decreases the possibility of frustrating breakdowns and will not show the aluminum tube grain on the prints later in the print life cycle.


A&G will exhibit at RemaxWorld Expo 2023 (Booth Number: 3410), which will be held from October 12 to 14. Register NOW to meet more than 350 suppliers.

RemaxWorld 2023

About A&G

A&G was established in 2005 and is specializing in the research and production of Organic Photo Conductor Drum (OPC). For many years, the company has been focusing on the research of core components of laser printers and copiers, and ultimately established Guangzhou A&G Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, China in 2011.

A&G Technology has a production area of 20000 square meters and a total of 11 OPC automated production lines, including 4 OPC production lines for copiers and 7 OPC production lines for printers, with an annual production capacity of 70 million units. The company also has dedicated high-precision injection molding R&D and production centers, high-precision aluminum tube R&D and production centers, and Organic Photo Conductor Drum material R&D and production centers, which have the most complete industrial chain among domestic peers. And all have continuously passed ISO management system certifications.

In 2021, the A&G Organic Photo Conductor Drum Research Center was recognized by the Guangdong Provincial Organic Photo Conductor Drum Engineering Technology Research Center. A&G has become one of the world’s most technologically advanced OPC manufacturers. In 2022, the company invested in the construction of a 5000 square meter fully automated aluminum tube integrated production line, which enabled A&G independently produced aluminum tubes to have an accuracy comparable to that of printer OEM factories. As a result, A&G OPC technology and quality will align with OEM standards in all aspects, becoming one of the few manufacturers in the world with the ability to research and produce OEM-quality products.

A&G has the ability to independently develop and manufacture printers and photocopiers OPC and is willing to provide our customers with high-quality products and technical services.



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