Aftermarket Manufacturer Partners with MPS Guru

Katun Corporation (Minneapolis, MN) has reached a new partnership with Print Audit, North America’s provider of device and print management solutions.

According to the agreement, Katun customers will be able to purchase and apply Print Audit Accelerator and Premier MPS programs. Also, Katun revealed it will offer these programs at additional discounts, which are enrolled in the partnership.

Regarding two of its subscription offerings, Print Audit said they help “office equipment dealers, VARs and MPS providers to win new customers, keep current customers and generate significant program revenue”.

Steve McBride, General Manager at Katun North America, noted, “We are proud to partner with Print Audit and excited to offer these two robust MPS offerings, as we are always looking for new ways to support our customers. This adds to Katun’s growing program portfolio – providing customers access to and discounts and reimbursement for these types of software applications and services.”

West McDonald, Vice President of Business Development at Print Audit, “This important partnership with Katun is going to offer a lot of value to MPS providers and their customers. Katun has developed powerful ways to help providers do a much better job of supplies management and Print Audit is proud to be a part of that solution.”

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