90,000 UK Firms Now Use Amazon

Originally written and published by www.itpro.co.uk

Since its launch in April, Amazon’s B2B procurement platform for office supplies has experienced impressive growth.

90,000 UK Firms Now Use Amazon

Almost 100,000 United Kingdom businesses now directly source their office equipment directly from Amazon Business, following Amazon’s subtle advance into the procurement industry.

According to itpro.co.uk, despite having only been available to UK firms since April, Amazon Business appears to be growing steadily, in part, through providing next day delivery office and IT equipment.  German, Indian and Japanese companies now also have access to Amazon’s procurement tools.

According to Amazon, the 90,000 business who’ve transitioned to Amazon include sole traders, small businesses and larger multi-national organizations.  Universities, hospitals and not-for-profit organizations have started procuring their office supplies from Amazon as well.

In reaction to its UK success, Amazon has introduced new features to improve their customers online shopping experience.  Improved search features and filter options which help buyers to find sellers that list with VAT-inclusive invoices are among some of the new features.

Amazon also supplies free services like VAT-exclusive prices and the ability to handle bulk VAT invoices, as well as an analytical feature to manage monthly spending.

Amazon Business head Bill Burkland said “we’re working hard to continually introduce improvements that provide even greater selection, value and convenience to business customers looking to streamline their procurement, enabling them to save time and money, and increase their productivity.”

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