5 Questions With Harry Stoubos

Recent restructuring at Cartridge World saw three key staff laid off. However, former Global Chief Development Officer, Harry Stoubos, is positive about his future. Hear what Harry has to say. 


What did you gain during your time at Cartridge World?

My time at Cartridge World (CW) provided me with an excellent opportunity to meet amazing people from a variety of different cultural and economic backgrounds. Despite the obvious differences they were all like-minded in doing business—successfully. That rich experience allowed me to open doors in over 40 countries selling CW products.

Why did you decide to start a new company?

I didn’t go looking for another job. Rather, I decided to start my own company with the sole purpose of assisting companies to realize their full potential. I know how to help market brands, products and services reach beyond their current scope with knowledge and experiences gained in foreign market businesses. There are many like-minded business owners all over the world who are always hungry to introduce new products and services within their country.

What is the main business of your company?

My primary focus will be to research the opportunities available to businesses wanting to enter into new international markets. Acting as their brand ambassador, I can represent those companies, prepare and execute a ’Go-to-Market Strategy’.

How will your previous experiences help your current business?

Businesses need the ability to negotiate mutual outcomes that benefit all parties. This is the key to sustainable success, especially when you have established signed contracts for lengthy tenures and need to comply with delivering quality products, consistently and on time. In order to establish excellent rapport, I have found the development of trust—which can only be gained through mutual respect—is the true foundation of success.

What’s your future plan and vision?

My vision is to demonstrate how businesses from all over the world are closer than they may think to conducting business more efficiently, effectively and profitably. With my ability to bring people together, these businesses can open doors that will encourage and establish trade beyond existing borders—to see new products and services enjoy a wider consumer base previously not thought possible. Many lack confidence or the knowhow to expand globally and don’t know where to start. I know I can inspire global success. Everything and anything is possible.

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