IOPFDA Appoints New President

Originally written by Joshua Allsopp and published by OPI

IOPFDA appoints new CEO

The Independent Office Products and Furniture Dealers Association (IOPFDA) has appointed a new President and CEO.

Industry veteran and former Chairman Mike Tucker takes the helm of the association, having served on the Government Advocacy committee for over ten years. He also represented the industry in front of Congress. He has previously held roles at George W Allen/EZ Print Supplies, Office Depot and Faber Castell.

IOPFDA Chair Shelli Hellinghausen commented: “Our marketplace is ever-changing, and Mike has the leadership to guide us through the future challenges of the industry and its partners.”

Upon accepting the position, Tucker said: “My goal for the coming year is to help dealers find ways to work together to protect their accounts and businesses from the unique threats that Amazon poses. I believe working with other industries and associations can be an important part of this strategy.”

IOPFDA confirmed to OPI that Tucker would be joining under management firm Clemons & Associates full time – which took over the running of the group in 2014 – as an extension of its services.

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