G&G Releases Cycle Plan in China

G&G Releases Cycle Plan in China

G&G Releases Cycle Plan in China

G&G Releases Cycle Plan in ChinaTo further demonstrate their concern about the environment, Ninestar brand G&G released a cartridge cycle plan for China. It also released a cycle application to go with the cycle plan.

According to G&G, users can use the application to appraise their cartridges and place orders for pick up. The SF currier will go to pick up the cartridges for free and send them to G&G factory directly.

In the factory, technicians will inspect the cartridges and offer a price to the sender. Once the price is accepted, payment will be made to the sender.

“As a printing service provider, G&G is not only dedicated to providing a good printing experience to users but also wants to promote its environmental philosophy. We want to encourage more to contribute to environmental protection, ” so says a spokesman of G&G.

The company also released a video to help users identify if their cartridge is suitable for recycling.

G&G also released a recycling program in Europe and USA.



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