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environment day rtmworldJune 5th is the world environmental day whose occurrence reflects the recognition and attitude of the people all over the world towards environmental issue and show their yearning and pursuit for better living condition. There is a social consensus that it is urgent to save energy and reduce emission in order to build a community with a shared future for humanity.

In highly commercialized modern society, copier and printer play an important part in work tool field. At present the printing rate of one sophisticated copier can reach to 180 ppm. From the scale, however, of 40 million enterprises, it cost enormously in paper, toner, electric charge consumption. The new goal of domestic top printing consumables brand is to realize energy saving and emission reduction and improve the development level of green, intelligence and high-end.

Since the establishment of HYB- High Yield & Beneficial Toner for the Users (called HYB below), its action is in accordance with “highly-effective, environmental-friendly, innovative” enterprise core value, which exert itself in forming modernized production line and professional testing environment. The production line strictly adheres to first-tier production standard and pursue refinement during manufacturing and packaging. HYB launches all-round Just In Time (JIT) production view with “an aim to manufacture necessary amount of necessary products in necessary time” to achieve scale production and zero stock, which can optimize production resource allocation and promote industrial capacity structure so as to lower production cost and cut profit in favor of the customers for better mutually beneficial.

Each item of HYB products characterized perfect compatibility, stable operation, harmless to machines must go through strict, repeated, multi-environment test which enables them to satisfy every brand copier usage requirements all over the world. After multi-parties application certification, HYB product can consume toner at its maximum with top-scale page yield in its similar range of products manifesting its environmental-friendliness and high cost performance.

“In success, one tries to let others be benefited”, HYB persists in the visioning the leading compatible consumables manufacturer in the world and facing up to the ordeal trial over and over again. After third-party testing, HYB products meet the ISO 14001 environmental protection standard implement item and ROHS toxic residues as well as pass China Environmental labeling products certification possessing qualification for supplying government, public institutions and enterprises etc.

HYB, walking with Green and the world.


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