$100 Million Acquisition for More Exclusive Resellers

A global leading provider of document solutions and technology has planned to invest $100 million to convert more multi-branded dealers into its exclusive dealers and new technology.

According to Xerox, its Global Imaging Systems(GIS) decides to further purchase independent resellers who sell various brands and turn them into resellers of Xerox brand only.

Bill Osbourn, the chief financial officer of Xerox, reveals that it takes only 1x of their annual revenue to buy resellers but gets a lot more returns from those deals. He also discloses that the company will continue conducting such acquisitions not only in the U.S. but also worldwide in 2017 and later.

Jeff Jacobson, Xerox’s new CEO says that the company has made great success in GIS’s reseller buying practices and plans to replicate the acquisition mode in Europe as well.

The company is also trying to discover acquisition opportunities in areas of workflow automation, software technologies, etc., despite of paying much more on technology-centered deals.

Jacobson also unveils that he’s looking for acquiring technologies and businesses to help Xerox enter new territories such as the commercial offset print and packaging fields.

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