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Growing Mito

I was intrigued to see the Zhuhai-based Mito Color Imaging Company win yet more industry awards in 2018. Mito, which was established in 2003, is obviously ranked as one of the must-visit companies when international buyers visit the southern city of China in the Guangdong province.
The Summit in the Desert to Focus on the Important

The Summit in the Desert to Focus on the Important

The summit in the desert to focus on the important - a time to switch off the mobile phone, ignore text messages and focus on what is really important.

Alf Andersen shares how the interests of the OEMs and the Aftermarket coincide

The US-based coalition of printer OEMs elected Alf Andersen as it new Chairman at its 2018 annual meetings. Andersen is Contract Attorney for Epson. RT ImagingWorld met up with him at the Imaging Supplies Coalition’s (ISC) annual conference in Las Vegas.
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Adapting and Re-Inventing the Imaging Industry

The strong will adapt and re-invent to grow into untapped markets whereas the weak will slowly die out.
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Printing on Wood, Glass, Fabrics, Metal …and Water

Digital printing usually refers to the professional printing of small-run jobs from desktop publishing and other digital sources.

Global Hardware Trends Have Implications for Supplies Aftermarket

There is a general shift away from printers for desktop and/or personal use, whether in the home or in the office, toward shared devices offering richer feature sets.

Informing, Educating and Nurturing the Global Industry

—RT Media’s Sabrina Lao reveals what it takes to be the world’s most read magazine in five languages

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