Zhuhai Seine Joins 3D Printing Industry Union in China

Zhuhai Seine Technology Co., Ltd. announced it has been invited to be the first premium member enterprise of China’s 3D Printing Technology Industry Union and the Asia Manufacturing Industry Association.

According to the company, over 40 visitors from China’s 3D Printing Industry Union visited Seine’s New High-Tech Industry Park and 3D Printing Research Center on July 21st. Along with the developing progress for R&D of 3D printing technology, Seine declared its basic model of a 3D printing spout has been verified. Also, the company is currently engaged in the R&D of 3D printing engineering and is expected to become a world leader in Micro-inkjet 3D printing technology.

Further, Seine stated it can provide a stable foundation and plenty of resources for the R&D of 3D printing and will help make Zhuhai City a world-class center of 3D printing.

The “China 3D Printing Industry Forum” was held in Zhuhai from July 20 to 21. China’s 3D Printing Technology Industry Union, cooperating with the Zhuhai Xiangzhou District Government, plans to set up a world-class 3D printing center in Zhuhai.

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