Xerox’s Small Office Savings Plan Offers Free Color Printers

Xerox ‘s Channel Partner Operations says it has introduced a new plan called Mspmentor for managed service providers (MSPs), which will enable partners to offer free printers to customers.

As revealed by Mspmentor, partners in the Xerox Small Office Savings Plan, offer their customers a free Xerox color printer while in turn, customers pay a monthly fee exclusively for supplies.

Under the plan, printers available include the Xerox Phaser 6500, 6600 and7100 or the Xerox ColorQube 8570. Also, the OEM offers free on-site service and support.

According to Xerox, the monthly supplies fee for customers remain the same each month, which will enable them to manage budgets and cash flows more easily.

Mspmentor reports the Xerox Small Office Savings Plan will be active starting on September 15. The monthly charges are: $59 for Phaser 6500; $99 for Phaser 6600; $109 for Xerox ColorQube 8570; and $149 for Phaser 7100.

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