Xerox Unveils Translation Service on Printers

The Xerox Easy Translator Service has been launched in SA by the digital printing solutions company, Xerox, in collaboration with document recognition and linguistic software developer, Abbyy.

This translation technology is a collection of cloud translation services which can be directly accessed through any ConnectKey 2.0-enabled device and a Web portal. Meanwhile, through this technology, the office documents can be easily translated into 38 different languages. In addition, it is built into the 14 Xerox ConnectKey-enabled i-Series range of multi-function printers (MFP) and can connect with mobile devices using iOS, Android as well as desktops.

According to Xerox, this new device can maintain the original formatting of the translated documents by combining Abbyy Optica Character Recognition (OCR) and capture technology. Beyond that, the document is able to be scanned and a print or digital version of the translated document will be sent to users. The translated documents can be sent through e-mail or be saved onto the cloud for later use.

The marketing manager of Xerox products at Bytes Document Solutions, Erica Marks, states that target customers of this translation technology are embassies, global enterprises, hotels or other organizations in want of translation services. She also adds that a new approach to MFP features is represented by the printers, and it will bring more convenience, productivity, security and cost efficiency to the businesses of their clients.

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