InkTec Introduces New Eco Solvent Ink

Recently, InkTec released a series of high-class eco solvent inks used on Mimaki plotters equipped with DX7 printheads—EcoNova MAPLE.

This new ink series doesn’t require color profile and can be conveniently changed over from Mimaki SS21 inks; in addition, a far-ranging color gamut and outstanding scratch and alcohol resistance are provided by this new series of ink, achieving printing results equal to that of the SS21 inks at a competitive price.

Detailed features of this new series of inks are as follows,

  • Capable of replacing Mimaki SS21 ink with no need for flushing and performing new color profiles
  • Extensive color gamut
  • No emission of VOC’s and eco-friendly
  • Wide support of multiple media

In addition, EcoNova MAPLE is compatible with various Mimaki plotters, such as JV33-130/160/260, JV 34-260, JV5-130S/160S/320S, JV 150-130/160, JV 300-130/160, CJV 30-60/100/130/160, CJV 150-75/107/130/160, CJV 300-130/160

New ink’s detailed information as following:

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