Xerox Participates in 3D Printing

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Xerox CEO Announces 3D Printing Roadmap, 3D Printer in 2019

Xerox has recently announced plans to “participate” in the 3D printing industry, according to a new statement by the CEO.

On the call with investors and analysts to report Q3 2018 financial results, John Visentin announced that Xerox is, “developing a roadmap to participate in 3D printing.”

“We are developing a roadmap to participate in 3D printing. We currently manufacture 3D printouts that we OEM where we have differentiated capabilities around print technologies, materials, toner and software that will enable 3D printing to move to the next level of adoption for the production of end-use industrial products.”

Xerox printheads. Photo via Xerox.

The statement can be broken down into three sections.

First, there is the announcement of an intent to make a strategy or roadmap. Speaking to 3D Printing Industry, a Xerox spokesperson confirmed that the full details of the 3D printing project will not become more apparent until an investor day scheduled for February 2019.

Secondly, Xerox reminded investors that they currently manufacture printheads used across the additive manufacturing sector. Printouts is most likely a transcription error. These Xerox printheads are made at their Wilsonville, Oregon site.

In 2013, 3D Systems spent $32.5 million to acquire expertise from the Wilsonville R&D team. The deal included taking on some of the engineering team, labs and IP licensing – giving 3D Systems greater control over the production of the ProJet range of 3D printers. Xerox has continued to develop ink and printhead technology and has a range of industrial inkjet printheads designed for, “high throughput, high reliability and high durability”. Xerox’s PARC remains very much active in other AM related research.

The final part of the statement notes that Xerox has, “differentiated capabilities around print technologies, materials, toner and software”. By calling out the 3D printing trifecta of hardware, software and material it is not much of a leap to imagine Xerox bringing a 3D printing system to market.

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