Xerox Intros Xerox Revolution Digital Photo Paper

Xerox Intros Xerox Revolution Digital Photo Paper

Xerox Intros Xerox Revolution Digital Photo PaperXerox Revolution Photo Paper provides the realistic skin tones and nuanced highlights that make images come to life and has a smooth, lustrous finish that requires no specialized coatings. The paper is archival and acid-free, and is tested and qualified to run in all Xerox iGen platforms as well as in other Xerox presses.

“In the past, only coated papers in dry toner xerography were available for photographic printing, but they weren’t widely accepted in the market because they just didn’t look or feel like traditional photo paper,” explained Ann Tepfenhart, specialty media manager for the Xerox Paper and Specialty Media Line. “But with Xerox Revolution Digital Photo Paper you get the look and feel of high quality photos, without the use of toxic chemical developers.”

Other digital photo printing technologies require a varnish to be applied after printing to make the image permanent, but Xerox Revolution Digital Photo Paper was engineered to eliminate the need to add any specialized coating. Because there’s no longer a need for a second production step to achieve permanence and archival quality, the products are compatible across a wide range of xerographic printers from production presses to large format desktop printers. That means you can reliably print professional-quality photos, even in small quantities.

With its smooth finish and a high-end lustrous look, Xerox Revolution Digital Photo Paper is great for special occasion photographs such as wedding portraits, family photos and albums, as well as elegant photo books.

“Xerox Revolution Digital Photo Paper is unique because it provides professional photo quality results, and because it’s compatible across the widest range of printing equipment from production to desktop devices,” said John Viavattine, Xerox program manager, Specialty Substrates and Applications, when asked about some of the product’s big benefits. “Plus, it’s been fully tested and qualified across the entire Xerox Equipment Platform.”

And, the product comes in 13×19” sheets so that two 8×10” photographs can be printed in a single pass through Xerox equipment or can be duplex printed to create keepsake photo books.


(Source: Xerox)


Xerox Intros Xerox Revolution Digital Photo Paper

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