Xerox Confiscates Counterfeit Consumables in China and Dubai

Raids recently conducted in China and Dubai confiscated 55,000 boxes of counterfeit consumables and components for a variety of Xerox products. These fakes were intended for distribution in Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, South America, Turkey and the United States.

The Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC) claims the estimated global impact of counterfeiting in the printer consumables industry is an annual loss greater than $3 billion. Xerox, a member of the ISC, works with other OEMs to fight against illegal activities in the industry.

Irina Maslennikova, Vice President, Global Supplies Business Group at Xerox, said, “Counterfeit production is not just an OEM issue. It impacts governments, resellers and customers due to lost taxes and investments in poorly made products.”

He pointed out that purchasers who use counterfeit items are actually sacrificing the safety of their equipment and the quality of printed materials at the lower cost.

Xerox said its products have a holographic security label with a unique serial number and barcode. One way to combat counterfeit products is to look for authentication labels. If labels are obstructed or removed, buyers are encouraged to inform Xerox of the purchasing source.

Also, Xerox introduced a new program to help detect counterfeits and avoid their use is to validate their authenticity. Users can register with Xerox’s new loyalty program called, Genuine Xerox Rewards. This program lets customers redeem points for Xerox equipment or retail merchandise when buying authentic Xerox solid ink and toner.

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