Xaar Partners With Xerox

Following its cooperation with Ricoh, Xaar has signed a partnership with another OEM. This time with Xerox.

According to printweek, the partnership is for the development of bulk piezo inkjet printheads. Xaar chief executive Doug Edwards revealed that more details will be disclosed in March, when the company will report its 2016 result. The partnership is expected to combine the best elements of each company’s platform.

“We’re at a point where we’re going to have to invest, and our strategy is to do that with partners – jointly we can effectively spend more than we can do on our own.”

As agreed, Xaar will “tweak” Xerox products for specific applications and then resell them.

“It’s an important first step. The starting point is the Xerox solid ink printhead. A lot of experience and investment has gone into it, and we will be building on that along with our 25 years of investment at Xaar. We will probably launch a product in the middle of the year. The benefit to Xerox is it takes their technology into areas where they are not as active as we are, such as the industrial space,” Edwards added.

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