Women’s March Drives Sales of Office Supplies

Women worldwide have turned to the streets to protest since Donald Trump’s inauguration. The Women’s March on Washington was allegedly the largest protest in U.S. history.

However many are not aware that large protests also create a big jump in the sales of office supplies.

According to OPI, market research group NPD found that sales of poster boards surged 33% in the U.S. during the week of the Women’s March in January. OPI also report over 6.5 million posters boards were sold that month, and sales were up 42% on the same time as last year.

Sales as a result of the Women’s March was not limited to cardboard. Other materials used to create signs and clothing during the protests also had a spike in sales. According to Fortune, the sales of easel pads and flip charts were up by 28%, paint markers 35%, specialty markers 24%, permanent markers 12%. Materials used to create signs including wearable ones have also sold more. Glue was up 27%, adhesives 12%, scissors 6%, and paper punches 4%.

According to Washington Post, over 1 million people participated in the march in Washington, D.C., —that’s one in every 320 Americans.

(Photo source: slate.com)

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