win win discussion Ukraine rtmworld

Win-Win Discussion in Ukraine

Win-Win discussion between HYB and customers in the ONE BELT, ONE ROAD Roadshow Kiev, Ukraine

As one of the Greatest Invention of Ancient China, Printing Technology has been playing an important historical role in the ONE BELT, ONE ROAD. Printing Technology has been improved during its “traveling” in the Road of Silk and become another form of lifestyle that gives convenience to Human Beings.

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The Roadshow in Kiev, Ukraine covers the routine of ONE BELT, ONE ROAD. Many local players in the industry pay attention to this Road Show to see what they can discover from the suppliers who will be an exhibitor of this Roadshow.

HYB TONER is very welcome as the leading manufacturer of Copier Toner and Spare parts in this Roadshow by the distributors. The most important intention for HYB is to observe the market trend and offer service and products up-to-date for this specific market. “Many suppliers in China seizes the opportunity for meeting all customers no matter they are small or large, but they never think about the disadvantages from the quotation they carry into the local market to domestic customers will only bring in a price war. This is not what the distributors expect from Roadshow and communication with Chinese suppliers.” Said Mr. Clark Wang, the Overseas Sales Manager of HYB. The intention of communication with customers for HYB is always to get market research for setting up their strategy for serving their distributors better.

win win discussion Ukraine rtmworld

Recently, some of the Overseas HYB customers are awarded the prize of “10-Year Loyalty”.The nominated customers are those who worked with HYB since (or before) 2009 and the prize is to memorize the successful cooperation and mutual supports in the development of new products. Some customers have already received this prize and were excited about the pleasant experience working with HYB for 10 years. We hope to grow the business of our distributor in Ukraine and continue our long term relationship like other distributors.

win win discussion Ukraine rtmworld

During the Roadshow, industrial exports, visitors and suppliers have in-depth communication about the market, charges of office equipment and new ideas to maximize the benefits of quality products in the After Market.

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