Will Pagewide Inkjet Disrupt the Industry?

Pagewide inkjet printing is set to disrupt the office printing.

So says Tim Strunk, an industry consultant of Photizo, in a 60-min webinar, as reported by opi.net.

Strunk emphasized the potential of pagewide printing devices in the workplace and drew parallels with the rise of laser printers in the 1980s.

He believes that pagewide inkjets could do to laser what laser did to daisy-wheel and dot-matrix. In the 1980s, many industry giants such as IBM focussed on daisy-wheel and dot-matrix technologies. HP, however, disrupted the market with its LaserJet products, eventually rendering daisy-wheel typewriters and dot-matrix printers obsolete.

Strunk cautions that the same may happen to anyone in the industry who ignores the increasing demand for pagewide technology.

Strunk pointed out a number of factors why pagewide inkjet would dominate in the future. One of these factors is device consolidation. Pagewide inkjet can let enterprises do away with mono laser machines for that it could do the same thing. On the other hand, it could also fulfill many color needs and therefore only reserve color laser for higher-end jobs.

Moreover, pagewide inkjet can greatly reduce R&D costs for manufacturers. The simpler mechanisms and less power consumption produces much less waste and cost a lot cheaper.

Photizo Group is a U.S.-based market intelligence and consulting firm focusing on the imaging industry, according to its website.

(Photo source: Gretchen Fox)

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  1. Gene Seale
    Gene Seale says:

    Though they may be impressively lightning fast with a very competitive cost per page my experience with them – from a service perspective – they are junk. Subject to failure and mostly non-repairable. HP being the leader in this technology falls exceedingly short on support and does not make the critical parts available (service tools ink delivery system including the printhead service sled etc.). In essence deems an $500-$800 printer investment as throw-away.


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