“Smart Office” Experience for RemaxWorld Visitors

The global smart office market will be worth US$43.31 billion per year (about 283.3 billion yuan) by 2020. According to a report by the market research company Markets and Markets, the global smart office market will experience 10.7% annual compound growth.

With the rapid development of Big Data and the Internet of Things, the smart office market has broad prospects. Many are asking how is the smart office connected to the traditional office supplies industry. The annual RemaxWorld Expo in October in Zhuhai, China will provide answers and solutions as to how an ordinary office can become “intelligent.”

Recycling Times Media Corporation (RT Media), the organizer of the 11th RemaxWorld Expo 2017 China (Zhuhai), is teaming up with OACHINA.COM, a Chinese office service platform, to build the first “Future Office Experience Hall” in this year’s Expo in order to introduce the intelligent office to the traditional office industry for the first time. This news comes on top of other news that presentations will be given by Google and Amazon at the Expo.

The “Future Office Experience Hall” is based on Intelligent Office Automation Systems (IOAS), which can improve efficiency, quality and office conditions, while reducing labor intensity and achieving improved management and scientific decisions through the use of advanced technologies and equipment. The Future Office Experience Hall will display virtual office solutions such as front desk, the common office area, conference room, pantry, executive offices and archives. For example, the reception area can combine access control, visitors, attendance and intelligent control; the conference room is equipped with a large screen, office area displays, desktop cloud computer, intelligent cloud system and other high-end intelligent office products.

 Tony Lee, Managing Director of RT Media Group, said, “The future office space will innovatively combine communication, collaboration and integration. The traditional office supplies industry already has a mature sales system and customer groups after decades of development, so the key to achieve self-innovation for the traditional office supplies industry is to grasp the ‘smart office’ wave.” The ‘Future Office Experience Hall’ will provide an intuitive product experience for all those who participate in the Expo, and is an opportunity for dealers to build new ideas to expand the users’ office market share,” said Lai Peishan, founder of the OACHINA.COM.

At the beginning of 2016, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued a notice of “Guidelines for the Development of Public Space,” which clearly encouraged individuals, enterprises and investors to work together to share the office market. At the same time, the joint office and shared work space are also forming a more intelligent and technology-based service model. Based on mature customer groups to provide more intelligent and more forward-looking office services, this will be the opportunity for traditional office supplies industry to achieve the required leap to keep their business model fresh and alive. On October 12-14, the 11th Zhuhai RemaxWorld Expo will be held in the Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center. Get the latest cutting-edge information and grasp the development opportunities.

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