Updates on M&As and other Disruptors Impacting the Imaging Industry Shared at RemaxWorld Summit

As mergers and acquisitions increase, too many to count in the last year, the imaging industry is no longer the same as it was three years ago. “What the industry will be like, where the industry will go” are hot aftermarket topics. People want to know the impact of such disruptions and what will happen next.

Imaging channel transition consultant Ray Stasieczko (pictured), will share his views and insights at the 2017 RemaxWorld Summit in Zhuhai China on October 11.

On the topic of “M&As and other Disruptors Impacting the Imaging Industry,” Stasieczko will also provide suggestions for the aftermarket.

Over the last 25 years, Stasieczko has called the imaging industry (copy and print) his home. Previously he was COO and vice president at ImageQuest. As a thought leader, he has a deep understanding of the transformation that is taking place. His rich experiences provide opportunities for others to navigate through their own transformation.

Experts from US, UK, France, China, Russia, Egypt and Mexico will also gather at the annual RemaxWorld Summit to share their industry insights: “Where do we go from here…now?

For more information about RemaxWorld Summit, please visit: https://www.rtmworld.com/2d/remaxworld-summit-2017/.

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