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West Point Products Upgrades Its MPS Programs

MPS is Not the Door to Managed IT Services rtmworld Ray StasieczkoWest Point Products, a U.S.-based supplier for the imaging industry, announced it has added Auto Toner Fulfillment (ATF) to its Axess® MPS suite of services.

The company claimed that with Axess® Auto Toner Fulfillment, users of MPS can achieve absolute automation of the printer supplies ordering process. Using a proprietary software application, the ATF system collects data from a customer’s printing devices and through calculation determine when a toner cartridge needs replenishment. Then the system automatically notifies the user when their toner is running out and orders and ships new product.

Commenting on the new feature, Ray Loisel, Senior Vice President for MPS at West Point Products, noted, “By automating the toner fulfillment process, West Point Products will help dealers reduce staff time, manual processes, and expense associated with order entry and tracking. The Axess ATF program will enhance the supply fulfillment process by setting printer specific thresholds that trigger proactive end-user communication and order notifications. This is the missing link for many MPS programs to improve the process of just-in-time toner fulfillment and profitability.”

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