Mesa View Elementary School Recognized for Its Recycling Initiatives

According to Cibola Beacon, Mesa View Elementary School won the award from RecycleCibola, which is an organized recycling program in Cíbola County, New Mexico. Secretaries Cindy Hays and Karen Fletcher of the school were specially recognized for collecting ink cartridges for recycling to raise money for the student activities fund.

Michael O’Connell, Principal of the school, accepted the award on behalf of staff and students. The school provides four clear-stream containers for collecting plastic bottles and aluminum cans and accepts batteries and cell phones for recycling, said O’Connell.
As was revealed, several community partners also support the cartridge collection project, including Grants Fire and Rescue, Cibola General Hospital, and Bio-Pappel.

Reporters observed that RecycleCibola works with the Northwest New Mexico Solid Waste Authority, Cibola County, City of Grants, and Village of Milan. The program currently provides residents with 10 convenient locations for depositing recyclables.

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