US Supplier Recognized by HP

A Wisconsin-based laser printer, part supplier has been named HP Authorized Parts Partner of the Year, by Hewlett Packard.

Laser Pros International (LPI), one of the world’s largest suppliers of laser printer parts and accessories, has collaborated with HP to offer laser printer products and support to clients for more than 10 years. This year, LPI gained the award of “HP Authorized Parts Partner of the Year” from its partner.

Scott Spencer, CEO of Laser Pros International, told RT Media that the company is very proud of the achievement, “From the top down, Laser Pros International is very focused on being the best partner HP has in the Parts Supply chain. We are very pleased that HP recognizes Laser Pros International as the Top Parts Partner in the Americas.”

As revealed, Hewlett Packard Executive Counsel declared the award “was given as a symbol of HP’s appreciation and in recognition of Laser Pros International’s purchasing performance and year over year growth in the Print Parts business, loyalty, predictability and overall collaborative efforts related to the Print and PC business.”

LPI adds they have maintained the largest inventory, technical support and training to the service industry for over 25-years and now the company can be expected as one of the largest suppliers of HP Laser Printer parts in the US.

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