US Customs Promises Better Protection of Imaging Industry

Customs and border authorities approve a staggering 79 thousand shipments through some 328 ports in the US, every day.

The figures were revealed to printer OEMs in Las Vegas at the Imaging Supplies Coalition Conference. Further, more than 112 million US dollars is collected in fees and tariffs, every day.

Deputy Director of Trade at Customs and Border Protection, Jorge Garcia, told the OEM representatives, new technologies in 10 new centres will allow the agency to become more efficient to protect the imaging supplies industry in the US.

Jorge said, “The 10 new centers are going to leverage technology to help us identify authentic goods from those that are    counterfeits or could be infringing, because they’re coming into the US. So technologies are going to be a tremendous help for CBP and helping us identify those goods that are legitimate.”

An Intellectual property rights centre set up in Washington DC, is also able to provide intelligence to the 328 ports to protect the imaging supplies industry.

“The IPR center in Washington helps to identify and focus our resources and any information that the Imaging Supplies Coalition can provide on counterfeit goods or infringing goods that are coming into the US.  It’s straight intelligence that the IP rights center leverages to help focus our resources these 328 ports of entry,” revealed Jorge.


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