US Commission Agrees to Advise Ninestar

The US International Trade Commission (USITC) has agreed to institute an advisory action regarding remanufactured cartridges based on a petition by Ninestar back in April this year.

This is in despite of a fiery request by Epson for the commission not to provide an advisory opinion. That request, on May 8, argued Ninestar’s petition was inadequate and reminded the commission “Ninestar and its affiliates have a proven track record of fraudulently violating this Commission’s exclusion and cease and desist orders, including specifically under the guise of importing remanufactured ink cartridges.”

Epson’s request appears to have been disregarded. In June 13 the USITC assigned the task of providing the advisory opinion to Ninestar to Administrative Law Judge Shaw (pictured).

RT Media has been advised ALJ Shaw could issue an initial advisory opinion within 3-6 months. But, the final timing could be extended as required.


Chinese Aftermarket Remanufacturer Seeks USITC Opinion…ks-usitc-opinion/

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