UniNet Launches New Toner Formulas and Components


UniNet has launched two new toner formulas and components for use in HP models.

The Absolute Black toner and components are for use in HP LaserJet Pro M403, M426 MFP monochrome printers.

As part of the new HP “JetIntelligence” series, the HP LaserJet Pro M403 and MFP M426 utilize their new printing technology, which could automatically monitor the printing performance of the toner cartridges based on drum wear and other factors to optimize print quality, page yield and cartridge life. Moreover, there is a new anti-fraud technology used in the cartridges chips, with a new toner design and an auto seal removal system. These features add challenge to remanufacturers. Cartridges used in the two printers are: the CF226A (3,100 page) and CF226X (9,000 page).

The newly released Multipurpose X Generation Color toner formula is compatible for HP M252, M452 and M552 Series, including HP M553, M477 and 277 MFP color printers.

The HP MPT-252 is a new general-purpose produced toner formula qualified to work on over six models, which provide outstanding print quality and glossy vibrant colors. This formula features the lowest cost solution with OEM parts, and a very low cost per page. It is compatible with all OEM and UniNet components. These toners deliver comparable print quality to the OEM product at a substantially lower cost. These color printers are rated at 18 ppm and use the CF400A series cartridges (1,500 pages for black and 1,400 pages for the colors) and the CF400X (2,800 pages for black and 2,300 pages for the colors).

For further information, contact UniNet at + 1 (424) 675-3300 or visit www.uninetimaging.com

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