UK Businessmen Campaign to Keep it Local rtmworld

UK Businessmen Campaign to Keep it Local

UK Businessmen Campaign to Keep it Local

UK Businessmen Campaign to Keep it Local rtmworldFollowing the grief over the loss of lives and livelihoods, one imaging supplies businessman in the UK has publicly called on governments at each level to continue supporting local businesses

Darren Turner (pictured), founding director of MyTotal Office Solutions has joined other stationery and office technology suppliers to launch a national campaign to ‘Keep It Local’.

“The idea of buying local has been gathering momentum in recent years,” Turner told RT Media. “But the pandemic hastened that change and the landscape was suddenly and dramatically transformed.”

According to Turner, the UK government has outlined plans to spend 33% of its purchasing needs of goods and services will be with small and medium enterprises.

“Our campaign is raising the awareness of this plan,” Turner adds. “We want to ensure the target is met and the public is provided with regular updates of progress, to encourage all organisations to follow suit.”

Turner is an ardent campaigner and runs an environmental campaign where his customers sponsor the planting of trees to help lower carbon emissions caused by the office.

According to Turner, many businesses have adapted their ways to serve the community with local drop-offs, safe pick-up points, newly built websites and social media stores. “They had to!” Turner exclaims. “If they wanted to survive, these organisations had to adapt and I doing so have become the lifeblood of the local community.”

Turner  wants governments, media, enterprises and the community to remember the businesses that kept the country ticking over as it headed back towards ‘normality.’

“This is why it is so important that people get behind our ‘Keep It Local’ campaign,” said Turner. “Together we can change the buying habits of a nation and grow our local economy by increasing spend in our communities and taking us into a healthier and wealthier new era.”

Information on the benefits of supporting local business & how you can get involved can be found at



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