HP, Lexmark Discussed IP Issues at Static Control’s Seminar in Lodz

Static Control reported it hosted a customer seminar in Lodz, Poland on April 25. At the event, Lexmark’s Worldwide Brand Protection Manager Andrew Gardner and HP attorney Tomasz Koryzma spoke about IP (intellectual property) concerns.

Mr. Gardner expressed Lexmark’s strong commitment against clone cartridges. Also, he revealed the OEM’s legal actions against clone sellers and the raids it commissioned earlier this year in Germany. Later, Mr. Koryzma noted HP’s effort in protecting their IP in Poland and discussed the legal risk of selling infringing products.

“It was a great experience to have representatives from both Lexmark and HP here at the event presenting alongside our team to help educate remanufacturers of the importance of intellectual property,” said Sales Director Ken Lalley. “Static Control has taken a strong stance against new build clones and we are happy to see OEMs such as Lexmark and HP join the fight to rid the industry of clone cartridges. We are very pleased with the success of this kick-off seminar and look forward to the additional seminars we will hold throughout Europe and Central and Western Asia.”

As was revealed, Static Control will launch a series of 22 information-intensive sessions. Those seminars are free for current customers of the company. The next seminar will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria on May 14 at the Grand Hotel Sofia. Guest speakers from trade associations and OEMs will attend the upcoming seminars in Bucharest, Romania and Bratislava, Slovakia.

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