Transformation with Acquisition

A company that supplies comprehensive print management tools to office equipment dealers and end-users has announced the acquisition of a software company.

According to Print Audit, its acquisition of NeoStream Technologies enable the company’s Premier Members to fully manage customers’ workflow of document printing. Besides, the complete intranet and communications capabilities that NeoStream carries can also benefit its customers as well.

In addition, Print Audit believes it led the market with the first SBB (Seat Based Billing) offering for managed print. Hence, the company considers acquiring NeoStream as the next step to help save the office equipment industry.

John MacInnes, the President of Print Audit said, “Print Audit is transforming and we’re helping our Premier Members to do the same. The acquisition of NeoStream Technologies will ensure that our Premier Members have the opportunity to manage and monetize the entire document life cycle, printed or not.”

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