Toner Cartridge Frauds via Email

According to CBC, Brian Hnatiw, the Owner of Ecol Laser Services, and officials at the University of Saskatchewan have both reported an attempted toner cartridge fraud to police.

According to his statement, Brian Hnatiw had been targeted by cheaters trying to place big toner orders. These cheaters tried to steal toners by pretending to be buyers such as the University of Saskatchewan.

Hnatiw says he detected a fraud order worth $20,000 just before it was shipped. The email address cheaters used contained a domain while the legitimate university domain is Hnatiw noted that he would have lost $20,000 if he had sent the toner.

Further, Hnatiw opined that the people that are doing this type of fraud should be convicted and be pursued very severely. “We have a responsibility to do an awareness campaign, so business Owners and the staff of small business Owners are aware of this type of activity that’s going on,” he added.

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