Rogue Rechargers use New Hoax to Sell Counterfeits in Mexico

According to our resources, unscrupulous rechargers in Mexico are using a new hoax to cheat their customers. These counterfeiters collect inferior empty cartridges—in most cases clones and counterfeits—then refill and sell them as brand new cartridges. Normally they use the same empties collected from their customers. In some cases, they make identical ones.

This malpractice is further damaging the reputation of the aftermarket industry in Mexico since such toner cartridges would end up failing after a few prints. An angry customer being cheated said, “The quality of clones and counterfeit cartridges can hardly compete with remanufactured cartridges. Now imagine what would happen if they are recharged. They will surely fail”.

Recycling Times’ Regional Representative in Mexico, Mr. Ivan Rosales, condemns this behavior. He stressed that the industry should be safeguarded by remanufactured cartridges which guarantee quality and no violation of OEM patents.

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