Three Defendants Settle with Brother

Three defendants, Sophia Global, My Supply Buy, and Chi Kin Wong agreed to settle with Brother in a lawsuit which accuses them of selling compatible tape cassettes for P-Touch label printers that infringe Brother patents.

In late February, Aster Graphics, LD Products, The Supplies Guys, Sophia Global, My Supply Buy, Nextag, and Chi Kin Wong (doing business as CW Media Pro) were named as defendants in this case. According to Actionable Insight, three—Sophia Global, My Supply Buy, and Chi Kin Wong—have agreed to consent judgments and permanent injunctions prohibiting them from further infringement.

Although they are waiting for the Judge to sign off on the agreement, these defendants will be permanently prohibited from making, using, selling, offering for sale in the United States, or importing into the United States any of the accused products, as well as other label cassettes that infringe claims of Brother’s 6,116,796, 5,964,539, and 5,563,542 patents.

Other defendants, namely, Aster Graphics, LD Products, and The Supplies Guys, decided to answer the lawsuit. They claim Brother “lacks sufficient information to form a brief regarding the truth of the allegation.”

They are asking the judge to dismiss Brother’s complaint, claiming the plaintiff should not be awarded anything, and that the defendants be compensated for costs and attorneys’ fees.

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