Thailand Approves Tough Regulations on 3D printers

Thailand Approves Tough Regulations on 3D printers

Despite fears of crippling the 3D printing industry, the Thai government has approved strict import regulations on 3D printers into the country.

According to Tonernews, Thailand’s Cabinet of Regulation approved new legislation last month, out of fear over 3D printed guns. Under the new legislation, all 3D printer imports, regulated by the Thai Commerce Ministry, will be restricted and all requests must pass through government processes, including the registration of each and every 3D printer and ownership transfer.

The local industry says it will make 3D printing technology far less available and will hike up market prices.

The critics say by imposing such laws on all 3D printers, the government is “only making Thailand’s tech-based development less competitive and will cripple the domestic 3D printing industry.”

According to Wiwat Arunruangsiriloet, a 3D printer importer and technology expert, said legislation that restricted only metal 3D printers capable of producing guns, could allow the majority of the market to remain unaffected. But the current situation will prevent people, especially science and engineering students, from accessing the technology that could change the country’s manufacturing sector.




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