Swifter Access to HP Smart Device Services

Originally written and published by Nicola De Blasi at mpsmonitor.com

MPS Monitor SDS: immediate HP Smart Device Services access

MPS Monitor has launched the immediate availability of a new SaaS version called MPS Monitor SDS, that enables HP Partners worldwide to take full advantage of the new HP Smart Devices Services platform in the easiest and cheapest way, without disrupting their own Managed Print Services current environment.

MPS Monitor SDS provides access to all the HP Smart Device Services features and functions for free (up to 50 HP devices), or for a very low monthly subscription (for more than 50 devices); it can be activated immediately online, and does not require any change in the Partner operational infrastructure or organization.

The full announcement is below:

MPS Monitor SDS is now available: the new SaaS solution gives immediate access to HP Smart Device Services

HP Partners can activate online a new SaaS service that provides full HP Smart Device Services access, with dedicated offers starting from a free version

MPS Monitor for HP Smart Device Services (MPS Monitor SDS) is now available to the HP Partners ecosystem worldwide. It offers a new, self-consistent SaaS  (Software-as-a-Service) solution that allows users to access all the functions of the HP SDS platform easily and immediately. It is specifically designed for HP Partners who wish to leverage immediately all the financial and operating advantages offered by HP Smart Device Services (SDS), but aren’t willing to adopt a new monitoring solution for their Managed Print Services environment.

The MPS Monitor SDS solution allows HP Partners to start providing HP SDS services to customers straight away. Partners will have exclusive access to the SaaS features provided by HP through a dedicated Portal and specific cost-effective subscriptions that are extremely easy and fast to activate. Using HP SDS SaaS features is simple and straightforward, and does not require specific skills or training.

HP Partners of any size can access MPS Monitor SDS by choosing from 7 different subscriptions, starting from a free version that offers the complete range of SDS features on up to 50 HP printing devices.

For larger needs, HP Partners can choose the most appropriate option, starting from MPS Monitor SDS Mini, which can manage up to 200 devices at a cost of €99/month. It can be scaled up to 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 devices. Partners who manage more than 3,000 devices for their customers may request a customized quotation. Partners using MPS Monitor SDS can activate, cancel or modify their subscription online using the MPS Monitor SDS Portal.

MPS Monitor has been fully integrated with HP SDS services and with the HP JetAdvantage Management platform since April 2017. This integration is already active for over 220 customers and manages over 2,000 devices. It was made possible by the close partnership between HP and Oberon Service, Solution Developer and Partner of HP JetAdvantage, and sister company of MPS Monitor Srl.

“Many HP Partners have already chosen MPS Monitor to provide the new HP SDS support services for the latest generations of HP printers. Thanks to SDS, they obtain significant savings whilst improving service levels”, says Nicola De Blasi, CEO of MPS Monitor Srl. “With this new SaaS version, all HP Partners can make the most of these advantages straight away, cost-effectively and without any negative impact on their business processes”.

Giorgio Gesi“MPS Monitor SDS allows us to meet the needs of the HP Partners who, although they want to offer SDS services to their customers using the necessary management software features, are not looking for a complete Managed Print Services platform”, underlines Giorgio Gesi, CEO of Oberon Service. “Thanks to our close collaboration with HP, we have been among the first to allow integration of MPS Monitor with HP JetAdvantage Management. The new version of MPS Monitor SDS highlights our ability to meet the specific needs of each partner and thus better serve the entire ecosystem of HP Partners”.

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