Static Control Won Award on Business Inform Expo 2016

Static Control has won an award of “Focus on Quality” on the Business Inform Expo 2016 in Moscow, Russia.

Juan Carlos Bonell, Vice President of Distributor Markets at Static Control, commented, “We take quality seriously. The steps that we take to deliver a quality product are unmatched in the industry so to be recognized for this is an honor.”

In addition, Sophie Lillie, Distribution Manager for Eastern Europe at Static Control, summarized the latest progress of the company on the Expo with the title of “Innovation, Quality & Consistency, Opportunity”. Plus, Patrick Livengood, Toner Development Manager at Static Control also made a speech on the company’s developments in low melt toners for new color and monochrome printer/MFP applications.

“We wanted to share our experience and our dedication to working with remanufacturers and imaging providers to develop the products that are needed and requested,” added Bonell. “Each new product offers an opportunity for businesses to save money compared to OEM supplies and expand product inventory.”

As revealed, Static Control and its authorized distributor in Russia, TEKO, have also exhibited new products and its latest innovations on the Expo.

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