Chips Found to Lock Out OEM Cartridges

According to The Recycler, some aftermarket chips used in compatible or remanufactured Samsung MLT-D101 cartridges may infect Samsung printers, and lock out OEM cartridges.

Recycling Times spoke to many industry resources in China today, and while some say they have not heard such news, others have confirmed the report. Preferring to remain anonymous, they say the destructive products come from a chip manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. They say “printers could be damaged after using the defective cartridges fitted with chip 3-5 times”. Some told Recycling Times reporters “a large number of the alleged chips have been exported around the world.”

To try and overcome this problem, Samsung has released a series of firmware updates for printers using the Samsung MLT-D101 cartridge, allowing the printer to resume full functionality whilst locking out the offending compatible or remanufactured cartridges.

An industry analyst told Recycling Times, “Launching an unstable chip into the market is very irresponsible. It will not only jeopardize the interest of customers and OEMs, but also the reputation of Chinese manufacturers in the international market. I hope it will not cause too much side effect in the chip aftermarket.”

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